SLM Logistics Corporation


Welcome to SLM

SLM provides reverse logistics management services for electronics manufacturers and retailers. From product return to the end of life. SLM has been acknowledged by our clients and recognized by the Ontario government for reducing waste; our customers also appreciate the reduced costs and increased accountability throughout the entire reverse logistics process. Our expertise, gained through experience enables SLM to offer a variety of services to manage the returns and warranty processes.

Our detailed reporting through our proprietary process system allows clients to take full advantage of our services. Together with our client we can achieve the highest possible recovery without affecting current market conditions, while reducing the volume of product returns.

As a normal course of business in today’s marketplace, all operating facilities are experiencing increased environmental responsibilities; SLM has been working with a variety of associations and recycling partners to provide our clients with sustainable, environmentally-compliant solutions.

SLM has developed a disassembly and separation of materials process that allows for an accountable disposition of materials; the majority of these materials were traditionally destined for landfill. SLM breaks down all products to their raw material form. Working with qualified, experienced professionals to develop products with materials such as benches, flooring and building materials made from recovered plastics.

We are at your service to share our vast resources, expertise and knowledge while continually informing and educating you, our client. By maintaining high standards we are capable of improving processes and systems to provide the highest level of services available.

Key benefits SLM provides to branded manufactures and retailers.

  • Reduction in the volume of returns ratios through customized consumer Return to Vendor (RTV) programs.
  • Provide maximum Asset Recovery for all returned merchandise.
  • Minimize cost of handling returns.
  • Extended Warranty Programs.
  • Distribution into alternative markets. Export or local secure secondary markets.
  • De-facing and re-branding especially effective for store brands.

The development of our specialized services for the returns process was based on detailed knowledge of the manufacturers on-going and changing requirements. SLM success is measured by the cost effective services that work for our customers. Transparency, candor, focus and experience improve processes for efficient transitions.