About Us


1. Economic Conditions

  • Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors are always in need to find new ways to reduce their costs, increase bottom line while maintaining quality assurances.
  • Non Traditional competition has compromised the following in today’s Market: warranty terms, profitability, maintaining higher levels of management, retaining quality personnel, time management and logistics costs.
  • Reduction in individual market shares.

2. Customer Care expectations driven by retailers have forced Electronic Manufactures to adapt to Point of Purchase demands.

3. Responsible environmental practices for the distribution of product for Accountable Sustainability. The Electronic Manufacture can no longer use their traditional disposal methods direct to landfill. To meet current environmental requirements and to attain sustainable standards of responsibility, all electronic waste must be 100% recyclable.

4. The need for Quality Control Assurances assisting the Electronic Manufactures in addressing environmental issues and improving technological advances.

Key benefits SLM provides to branded manufactures and retailers.

  • Reduction in the volume of returns ratios through customized consumer Return to Vendor (RTV) programs.
  • Provide maximum Asset Recovery for all returned merchandise.
  • Minimize cost of handling returns.
  • Extended Warranty Programs.
  • Distribution into alternative markets. Export or local secure secondary markets.
  • De-facing and re-branding especially effective for store brands.

The development of our specialized services for the returns process was based on detailed knowledge of the manufacturers on-going and changing requirements. SLM success is measured by the cost effective services that work for our customers. Transparency, candor, focus and experience improve processes for efficient transitions.

Electronic returns are problematic in the North American market with the manufacture experiencing a 2% to 8% return ratio. SLM provides a superior service that is not presently available anywhere in the industry today. Services, which reduce expenses while providing distribution alternatives and while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Before SLM was formed the principals have been working with returns in various industries to purchase and re-sale throughout the Americas specializing in the Latin Markets. Once it was realized that electronic manufacturers and retailers could not efficiently manage returns from consumers, the research began.

These are some of the findings that were identified.

  • There were no specific processes in place to stream or control return product flow.
  • No reports on the condition of returns.
  • Open return policies gave consumers the option to purchase the product and return it without penalty.
  • Change of heart consumers had the choice to return without penalty.
  • Returned products were re-sold into the same market place as new, confusing consumers of the real value of brands products. This also opened the doors to dealers purchasing discounted return items for new product. Most products sold into the same market place came back for additional replacements or warranty. SLM marks and warranties each unit. Further controlling the re-distribution of all reconditioned units.
  • Returned products that was sent to landfill for disposal.

Based on our findings we began relationships with manufacturers to improve and create processes specifically for returns. The acquisition by the new owners gave SLM the insight to address service issues and how to best initiate transitions to facilitate return programs.


Our continuing goal is to be the leading facilitator of return to vendor and consumer merchandise on behalf of manufacturers and retailers for this $70 billion a year industry. Supporting sustainability practices from asset recovery to end of life, final disposition.

SLM is committed to our people. SLM provides share incentives, extended health care packages and alternative work hours. This commitment has and continues to result in company loyalty, dedication to work detail and open candor.

Several major branded manufacturers who value their respected brands sensitive marketing position appreciate our specialized services.

We offer the highest standard of services with the best time management tool available in the market place today. This provides our clients and customers the ability to focus on their core business.

SLM documents the entire process with a chain of custody reporting to end of life. For RTV clients an audit report outlying the entire client’s material management is provided within SLM environmental audits. Closed loop distribution allows client to promote environmental responsibility with zero waste distribution. Upon receiving, SLM confirms RMAs and currently provides a series of cost savings processes. From testing, factory service, remanufacturing, asset recovery, quality assurance testing, salvage to end of life. The entire process is captured and documented via a secured and controlled access to the SLM database.

ISO Policy Statement

SLM Logistics achieves excellence by continuously improving Life Cycle sustainability for products and systems we support, with a focus on:

  • A safe and mindful environment for our staff,
  • Providing resources to effectively support our quality management system (QMS) in meeting our responsibilities,
  • Exceeding our customer’s expectations for service and sustainability, and
  • Delivering responsible business practices.

The management review process is used to establish and review quality objectives, and to ensure the continuing suitability of the quality policy.